What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for Melbourne brands

Social Media Marketing implies a special set of marketing strategies through which you will build brand awareness and attract traffic to your website through social media platforms. Social media plays an extremely important role in building your business, but it is also required that you spend several hours a day on these platforms to perform marketing strategies. If you do not have the time or the skills to perform marketing though social media, you should hire the services of experts to assist you with this task.

The primary role of this type of marketing is to create attractive, creative and unique content which will be shared by users. By sharing your content, users actually “spread the word” about your special offers, interesting new arrivals, facts, tips and whatever else you decide to discuss about within the content. It is also important to mention that of you do not stay active enough on these platforms, users will ultimately “forget” about your brand. Therefore, it is imperative to stay consistent and continuously update your social media pages with fresh and interesting content.

There is a huge variety of social media sites available out there, and marketing should not be limited only to the most popular ones such as Facebook or Twitter. Other equally important sites include Instagram, Pinterest, Sulia Tumblr, Snapchat or Bubblews.

With the help of social media, you actually expose your brand to millions of users. Social media marketing is extremely important because it helps you:

  • With reputation management
  • Attracting traffic to your website
  • Staying in contact with your customers
  • Advertising directly about new arrivals, special discounts, etc.
  • Organize contests
  • Build yourself a fan page

The best experts in the field will create a special marketing model tailored to your needs and requirements. They will suggest the best platforms you should use, and other several steps that should be implemented in order to achieve success.

Social Media Marketing Model

Social mediaA good exert will come up with a strong plan for you, and this plan will generally include:

  • Suggestion of the best platforms to use- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bubblews, etc.
  • Creating the pages for you & starting to attract friends, followers.
  • Selecting target audience.
  • Starting the promotion of products and services; watching closely responses, shares, questions, etc.
  • Staying in touch with users- answering questions, sharing customized content for groups of people, and so on.
  • Measuring performance.
  • It’s a fact that social media marketing in Melbourne has risen in popularity in recent years.

Up to 80% of businesses with an online presence integrate social media in their marketing plans. This is the best way to attract a large influx of visitors to your main page, and actually go international with your business. Several statistics have shown that business owners who use social media have seen a profit increase of up to 140% through social media marketing.

When hiring the services of a company to perform social media marketing pay attention to the following:

  • Only work with highly reputable and trustworthy companies
  • The company must have very good expertise in the field
  • The experts should be able to provide you with analytics regarding the jobs performed and the results they got through the implementation of those strategies

Social media marketing can help you take your business to the next level relatively quickly, with a low investment.


How Search Engine Optimisation Works


If you have heard the term ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, you have probably been thinking about boosting your business by ensuring more and more people find your website. While a lot of us know this unique form of advertising works, not a lot of people know exactly how it works and how it can help any business to take off and get the results the owners have always wanted.


When someone types something into a search engine, they use specific words that will help them find the product or service they are looking for. Every time you search for something online, the sites with the most hits in relation to the word or words you typed will come up on the first search engine results page (SERP). These websites also appear on the first page because chances are, they are either a national or global organization whose site gets thousands upon thousands of hits every day, or they have made use of SEO.

Content Creation:

One of the best ways to make sure your website comes up first in the SERPs is to endure you have a lot of content created. This content could appear on your website, on your blog or blogs, and it could also appear on other sites that are happy to publish your articles online.

So how does this content and the keyword help your website? It’s simple, every keyword will be highlighted automatically as there is a link attached to the word or words used. The reader of the article/blog etc will have the opportunity to click on the link provided. Once they have clicked on the link they will be taken to your website.

Relevant Keywords:

Every keyword that’s used needs to be relevant to your website. It’s therefore no good if your keyword is ‘Green Cars’ when you actually sell orange vans. The more relevant the keyword or keywords are, the more likely people will find you and buy things from you, or hire your service.

The good news is you can create as many articles with keywords as you wish. You can also hire professionals to write the articles/blog posts for you, while you get on with your day.


There is a lot of competition out there right now, and that’s because more and more people are learning the relevance of SEO, keywords and how useful marketing services really are.

With regards to your competition, you might like to know that not every company or business is using keywords to advertise/market what they do. This means you can get ahead of the competition so your website is more likely to be found.

If you like the sound of Search Engine Optimisation and the keywords that can help make a huge difference to your business in the Google search engine, be sure to click on the links provided. You could soon find yourself with a lot more customers/clients than you have every dreamed of, so make sure you think about SEO and how it can help