Seeing Some Profits From Your Dubstep

Most of us start playing music for the love of it but once you have fallen so madly in love with it we begin to fantasize about making money from it. Can you imagine how it would feel to actually be able to pay your rent, food, insurance and all bills with the money you earn from playing your music all over the world?

Dubstep NoteYou might think; “You must be famous to do that!” when in reality this isn’t true at all. The truth of the matter is that you just need to know where to play in order to get paid. For instance a City like Austin is a much better place to go to if you want to get paid to play live music as opposed to LA where there are so many people that you actually have to “Pay to play”.

Below I will discuss a few options on how you can make money from your Dubstep. NOTE however that it is crucial to own all the rights to the Dubstep Maker you are using in order to avoid Software Audits which could end your career very well before it starts.

  1. The Internet – The first and easiest place to make some money from your music is the internet. By hosting your songs on iTunes, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and so forth you have the ability to sell your music. People would be able to buy a single song or the album from you which is money in the pocket. In addition you could even host it on free downloads, add in advertisement and so on.
  2. Stage performance – It isn’t easy to get paid if you aren’t known but then again you have to start somewhere. Start DJing parties and ask for some cash even if it’s from your friends. You could even start doing your own parties and charge at the door if you are really out on your luck. Video tape your parties, your sets and so on so you can create a portfolio to show bars and clubs.
  3. Filmmakers like Dubstep – Did you know that filmmakers love dubstep for action scenes. You could always sell your music to filmmakers or offer it up in exchange for exposure and credits which will help build your name.
  4. Advertisement – Make mixes and loud them on Youtube. Then add monetization on your videos (has to be original content) and if you are lucky and people love your mix, you could be making some passive income from your music.
  5. MakerMerchandizing – Once you have a few fans that are willing to buy your merchandize you can start working on shirts, hats or even branded Flash Drives you can sell.

Music is more than just music. A successful musician needs to work on varies elements of his or her brand so simply begin to take your music serious and you should begin to see money come in. The moment you realize that your Intellectual property is in fact a product and the moment you identify your target demographic, you will begin to be able to monetize your music. It takes time and dedication but I know of several DJs that make between $500 to $750 USD a night and play 3 nights a week in a series of clubs. You won’t know them, and that’s the point…you don’t have to be famous to live as a dubstep maker, song-writer, producer using vst plugins or classically trained musician.

Get Ahead With Accounting Courses

photosIf you want to become involved in the world of accounting, you will probably be looking at some accounting courses. We offer you a good range of courses that can help you to get the job you want. The world of accounting is an exciting one, and it’s one that has a lot of potential to give all who enter it. Those who are already involved in accounting may want to think about taking one of our courses because we offer you the opportunity to refresh your knowledge and learn some new skills which are relevant to todays’ world.

Our courses are not lengthy, and they don’t require you to study for months and months at a time. We can offer you courses that give you all the knowledge and skills you need, within a very short space of time. This is one of the reasons why we’re so successful, and why more and more people are now turning to us for help with their career.

You will find all our details and the course details on our website, please don’t be afraid to have a look. You will see all the information is laid out and easy to read, what’s more, it may also answer a lot of your questions.

Getting Ahead In Accounting

When you want to get ahead in accounting, you need to make sure you have all the relevant qualifications and certificates. Without the relevant ones, you may not be able to get the job you long for. This is why we make sure that when you have completed your course, and passed it, you will walk away with what is known as an Australian Finance Services License (AFSL). This licence is achieved by making sure you’re given RG146 compliant training, which will mean you’re capable of giving general and personal advice to clients.

If you do not have the AFSL, you will not get a job in the finance industry unless you’re incredibly lucky. Potential employers see this certificate as proof you know what you’re doing, and you have the right qualifications to work for them. We make sure that no matter what course you do, you come away with an Australian Finance Services License so you can apply for a wide range of jobs within the industry if you so wish.

We Mean Business

image-07This just goes to show you we mean business, and we want you to succeed in your chosen field. While you may not yet know what you want to do, there is time for you to make up your mind and find your feet. The world of accounting is a fast-paced, busy and exciting one. If you want to be a part of it, we can help you.

Please feel free to take a good look at the range of courses we offer, and see which one or ones suit you. Don’t be afraid to get in touch if you have any questions, we are more than happy to help.


Find Your New Kitchen Design Right Here

imagesWhen you’re looking for a new kitchen, you may be unsure as to where to begin; there are a lot of different kitchen designs out there, but sometimes they’re just not quite right. If you haven’t found a kitchen design you’re completely happy with, and you feel like you may have to ‘Make do’ with your current one or a new one that you’re about to pay hundreds of dollars for, we may be able to help you out.

We design kitchens in Melbourne, and we do it well, what’s more is we have a lot of satisfied customers who love their new kitchens.

When a customer comes to us with a few ideas in mind, we can help them achieve the kitchen of their dreams, or at least one that they’re very pleased with and can afford quite nicely.

When we work with customers to help them design the kitchen of their choice, we take a few things into consideration:

  1. Your Budget: no matter how wonderful you would like your kitchen to be, we understand you might be on a budget. Therefore, we will work with you to ensure you get the best possible kitchen for the best possible price, bearing your budget in mind.
  2. Your ideas: We understand you may have a whole load of ideas for your new kitchen. We will take all your ideas on board when we discuss the new design with you, so you get the best kitchen possible.
  3. Designs we have in stock and upcoming designs: We pride ourselves on having a good range of designs in stock, and we’ll be more than happy to show you the designs we have. It’s likely that we’ll also have some new designs on offer very soon, so we may just be able to show you those and give you an idea as to when they will be available.
  4. The materials: We can proudly offer you many different types of wood that can be used to make your kitchen units, from a basic range to a range that looks simply beautiful, but will inevitably cost a little more.
  5. Tap and handle designs: When people think about a new kitchen design, they occasionally forget about the taps and cupboard handle designs. We can offer you a good range of designs that will help to compliment your kitchen and make it proud to be yours.
  6. Location of your cupboards etc.: Although you may have decided exactly where you would like your new cupboards and drawers to be located, on occasion we may have to advise you of a different location. This is usually due to the location of pipes, ovens and other inbuilt goods that cannot be moved, in this instance we will work hard to ensure you still have a kitchen you will love.

As you can see, we are happy to help you with your Melbourne kitchen designs to ensure that it is just perfect for you and you home, so please feel free to get in touch with us today, so we can get you that little bit closer to having a great-looking kitchen.

How Search Engine Optimisation Works


If you have heard the term ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, you have probably been thinking about boosting your business by ensuring more and more people find your website. While a lot of us know this unique form of advertising works, not a lot of people know exactly how it works and how it can help any business to take off and get the results the owners have always wanted.


When someone types something into a search engine, they use specific words that will help them find the product or service they are looking for. Every time you search for something online, the sites with the most hits in relation to the word or words you typed will come up on the first search engine results page (SERP). These websites also appear on the first page because chances are, they are either a national or global organization whose site gets thousands upon thousands of hits every day, or they have made use of SEO.

Content Creation:

One of the best ways to make sure your website comes up first in the SERPs is to endure you have a lot of content created. This content could appear on your website, on your blog or blogs, and it could also appear on other sites that are happy to publish your articles online.

So how does this content and the keyword help your website? It’s simple, every keyword will be highlighted automatically as there is a link attached to the word or words used. The reader of the article/blog etc will have the opportunity to click on the link provided. Once they have clicked on the link they will be taken to your website.

Relevant Keywords:

Every keyword that’s used needs to be relevant to your website. It’s therefore no good if your keyword is ‘Green Cars’ when you actually sell orange vans. The more relevant the keyword or keywords are, the more likely people will find you and buy things from you, or hire your service.

The good news is you can create as many articles with keywords as you wish. You can also hire professionals to write the articles/blog posts for you, while you get on with your day.


There is a lot of competition out there right now, and that’s because more and more people are learning the relevance of SEO, keywords and how useful marketing services really are.

With regards to your competition, you might like to know that not every company or business is using keywords to advertise/market what they do. This means you can get ahead of the competition so your website is more likely to be found.

If you like the sound of Search Engine Optimisation and the keywords that can help make a huge difference to your business in the Google search engine, be sure to click on the links provided. You could soon find yourself with a lot more customers/clients than you have every dreamed of, so make sure you think about SEO and how it can help